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Related post: Date: Fri, 11 Feb 2005 18:32:33 -0600 From: H. Rick Cantwell Subject: Rascal 14Rascal Part Fourteen Flashers and Virgins(M/M, Oral, Anal, Incest) This is a continuing story. Constructive criticism is welcome, at Mention the title in the Subject line or I might delete it by accident, thinking it's spam. Hearing from you and NEW readers will help keep alive the desire to continue this tale. --Dick Hickey. If you're not old enough to read stories involving graphic descriptions of sex between consenting males, or if such stories are illegal where you live, do not continue reading beyond this sentence.Rascal Part Fourteen Flashers and Virgins As soon as we got back bikini model andromeda to the apartment from Corbett's Sporting Goods, Rascal and Tyler decided to model the jockstraps we'd bought. "Dad," Tyler said, handing him one, "put yours on, too. I want to lick your butt like Spunky made that sales clerk Brad, do to us." "You, too," Rascal said, handing me mine. "I think a jockstrap makes a guy's package look so ... delicious." The boys asked if we could dispense with the normal "undressing ceremony" because they wanted to get right "to it." "I would have thought all that sex with Brad would have worn you out." "Fuck no!" Ryan said, "It just made me hornier for you, Daddy Two." Jason and Ryan spent the next two hours feeding me their loads of cum while Tyler--still unable rusian male models to cum, yet--enjoyed the pleasures of learning how to eat butt. After spending almost an hour eating his dad's ass, we convinced him he should demonstrate on Ryan and me what he'd learned. He turned out to be one world-class butt muncher. Eventually, Jason called an end to the activities because they had to get home. I took Ryan home, melissa model 14yo promising to let him practice his driving on my next day off. On Thursday, Ryan had been driving around for a while when he asked, "Can we stop by Discount Drugs up here at the corner? I want to pick up something." "Sure. You're driving. But you know they only sell prescription drugs at a discount, don't you? Not that stuff they sell on the playgrounds." "Don't be ridiculous, Uncle Dickey," Ryan said in that informative tone he has, "they don't sell drugs on the playgrounds anymore. The school board forced them across the street by the music CD shop." "Oh, that must not have been reported in the paper." "When we go in, could you, uh ... pretend you're not with me? I've got somethin' special I've gotta do." "You don't want me to embarrass you, right?" "Just the opposite, you don't want ME to embarrass YOU." "Oh, God. What top models hot are you gonna do?" "You can watch, but just don't be too obvious." "Maybe I should keep the car running for a quick getaway, Mr. Capone." Ryan giggled as he parked the car and we went in. "He was a gangster during the last millenium, wasn't he?" Ryan said with an impish grin as he tried to make me feel old. Then, as we walked in, he said, "I'll be over by the pharmacy." "Okay. I'll be looking over the magazines." Ryan stood looking intently at a rack of something that was hidden from my view. A few moments later, a store child model asia employee breezed by paying no attention to Ryan, whatsoever--like most disinterested employees, nowadays. "Sir," Ryan said, "could you help me?" The guy kept walking away. "Mister!" Ryan shouted. The clerk turned around. "Me?" Ryan looked up and down the aisle and said, "Do you see anyone else?" "Oh, I'm sorry." "Just because I'm a kid, you think I don't have any money to spend, is that it?" "No! It's not that at all," the clerk said apologetically like he was more worried about ls model kits losing his job than sex models preeteen he was for ignoring a paying customer. "Oh, it's 'cuz I'm so short. I get it," Ryan said sullenly. From past experience, I knew Ryan usually got people on the defensive before he sprung a surprise on them. They were still thinking about bdsm modeld database how to make things right before they realized they had agreed to something they normally wouldn't agree to. "What can I help you with?" From where I was standing in the next aisle over, teen model acemodeling I could see his nametag read "Jamie M." "Can you help me decide which box of condoms to get?" "For your father?" "No," Ryan said in an insulted tone. "For me." "Uh, I'm not sure they make 'em in kid-sized. Maybe they should, since kids are so much more aware nowadays." "Got any in THIS size?" Ryan asked, pulling the elastic waistband of his soccer shorts and his jockstrap down at the same time, holding them under his balls. The clerk's jaw dropped as he watched Ryan's heavy cock drop from the confines of the material. I pretended to be reading a magazine as the guy started looking around to see if anyone was watching. "Guys are always wanting to have sex with me, which is cool, but my dad says I have to play safe. So, ya got any?" "Ummm." "It's okay, isn't it? I new carol model mean you don't have to be 18 to buy condoms, do you? diventare modello Or 21? After all, they pass 'em out at school. I just run out all the time. I'm not a slut or anything. I just get hit on a lot--'cuz I'm so cute." Then, with a bashful look he added, "And I get hard-ons a lot, so it just all works out kinda equal." "I see, uh ... what you mean." Jamie M. said, continuing to stare at Ryan's cock. "Uh oh," Ryan said, "there it goes again. Sorry. It's all hard and ... you know, tingly, like it needs to be sucked." "What!" Jamie M. shouted in a whisper. "Say, you wouldn't be busy right now, would you?" Jamie M. stood there with his mouth open in disbelief. Ryan stood there with the front of his pants down. No one else in the store could tell what he was doing, except me. I checked the position of the round convex mirrors and saw Jamie M. was unknowingly shielding Ryan from one lia model photos of them. "It's a simple 'yes' or 'no.' If you don't want to give me a helpin' hand, I'll need to find someone else real quick, 'cuz now it's startin' to hurt." Ryan's right arm started moving up and down as he began jacking off. "You can't do that here," the clerk whispered. "It's ..." "You've got the same problem," Ryan said. "See." He pointed to the clerk's tented trousers. "I'll tell you what. I'll take care of this out in the car but if you want to help me out after work, I'll be ready again." "Uh ... I ..." Jamie M. stammered. Ryan pulled up his waistband and said, "You can put your phone number on the receipt. I'll call you later." "Receipt?" "For the condoms." "Oh, yeah," Jamie said, totally bewildered big boob models by what just happened. He rang up a package of a dozen condoms and after Ryan paid for them, Jamie dutifully wrote his phone number on the back. "Uh, I get off at five." "We'll be here," Ryan said. "We?" Jamie M. asked fearfully. "Uncle Dickey and model jen perzow me. I've only got a learner's permit so he has to ride with me everywhere I go. But it's okay. He's cool." "But ..." "It's cool, Jamie M." Ryan said, deliberately looking at the nametag. "I'll call you and we can talk. Gotta go. Uncle Dickey's uh ... impatient." I let Ryan leave and I sauntered out a minute or so later. Back in the car I said, "I always wondered how you got people to succumb to your charms. Now I can say I've watched a master in action." Ryan killed the next couple of hours practicing his parking skills and improving his back-up techniques in the more isolated delivery area behind a nearby supermarket. Around 4:45, we returned to Discount Drugs. While we 1950s bikini models waited in the parking lot to pick Jamie M. up, Ryan had me pull my cock out and jack myself into an erection. I knew better than to ask why, knowing I'd find out, all in good time. From our view sitting in the car, Jamie looked a little apprehensive as he said good-bye to his workmates. As the automatic doors slid open on Jamie's preetenn underwear models way out, Ryan waved to him. "Over here!" Jamie approached cautiously. "It's okay," Ryan said. "You got a close friend you can call?" "Uh, yeah, why?" "Call him. Tell him you're going with someone you just met and then give him the make, model and model naked swimsuit license plate number. That way, if you come up missing, they'll know where to start looking." "Uh, no, that's okay. Uh ... I'll just catch the bus." "Suit yourself but before you go, I want to show you something." "What?" "Look over there," Ryan said, thrusting a thumb toward my lap. Standing apprehensively away from the car and bending at the waist to look in the driver's side window--past Ryan--into the passenger seat, Jamie said, "Jesus!" "I know you want to watch while he fucks me, right?" "Oh, Jesus, kid," Jamie sighed, continuing to stare at my eleven- inch erection. "I can deep throat it, too," Ryan said in an enticing voice. "I bet you'd like to see that, too." Jamie groaned like his resolve was weakening. "Get in," Ryan said with authority. "We're not gonna kidnap ya." As Jamie got in the back seat, I said, "Hi, Jamie, I'm Dick Hickey. I think what Ryan was trying to do was make you feel more comfortable about getting in a car with strangers but all he succeeded in doing was scaring you. I'm sorry." "Me, too." Ryan said. "I just thought if you had a friend who knew where you were, you'd feel safer." "Look guys, uh young kid model ... erotic lollita models I'm not real sure about this." "No one ever is when Ryan's involved," import mexican models I chuckled comfortingly, "but it always works out for the best." As Ryan legal nude models eased out of the parking spot, Jamie said, "I just couldn't believe he flashed me earlier." "Hey, I'm right here," Ryan said, "I know I'm short and you can't see my head because of the seatback, but ..." "Sorry. It's just ..." nicolle teen model Jamie said, "I haven't been able to think about anything else since you left. I think the boss thinks I'm amateur models nude sick or something." "Ryan has that effect on people," I said. "Uh, do you do that to everybody?" "What?" Ryan asked. "You know, show 'em your dick." "No, of course not," Ryan said belligerently. "I do my homework." "You what?" "You take the number six bus home, except on Fridays. Since you work till nine on Fridays, you take the number three bus downtown after work and you go to the gay bar." "How do you know that?" "Everybody knows it's a gay bar," Ryan said. "About me!" Jamie said trying not to get confused by the slick way Ryan has of changing the subject. "You don't think I'm gonna put the make on a total stranger, do you? Hell, he could be straight and call the cops. How dumb do you think I am?" "What Ryan is trying to say is he's had his sights models young lingerie set on you for quite some time." "How long?" Jamie asked looking at me in disbelief. "I don't know," I said. "How long, Ryan?" "About six, six-and-a-half inches, I'd guess." "What?" I asked getting confused myself. "He's got six or six-and-a-half inches. It's about four, soft." "How do you know that?" Jamie asked, cupping his crotch, like Ryan had X-ray vision out the back of his head. "I saw you in the bathroom once. You came in while I was in the stall jackin' off. So, when you started to pee, I looked over the top of the wall. It's a good thing the stall had one of those handicapper railings on the wall." "Why's that?" Jamie asked. "I'd have been too short to see over the wall if I'd stood on the toilet seat but, by being able to pull myself up and stand on the rail, I could look over." I rolled my eyes. "Would you like to go back to my place? We can grab something to eat and find out how much more this little rascal knows about you." "You okay with all this? I mean, you being his uncle and all." "Well, I'm not really his uncle but that's another story. Dinner at young models nonud my place?" I asked. "And dessert's in my lap!" Ryan giggled. "Behave," I scolded. "Until we get home, anyway," Ryan said with a smirk. "What made you think I'd be willing to ... uh ..." "I figure, you go to the bar and you meet guys there and go home with 'em," Ryan said. "And you probably don't even know what they've got between their legs at that point, right? So I figured if I showed you what I had to offer and you were interested, you'd say 'yes' ... or at least think about it." "I thought about it all right!" "I just didn't know if you'd want to take me back to your place or not," Ryan said. "Uh, no, that's okay. Uh ..." "Yeah, he'd be hard to explain to roommates, huh?" I said. "You got that right. I'm not sure I've got him figured out yet," Jamie said. "Impetuous, precocious, forward, friendly," I said. "But definitely not shy," Jamie said. "Here we are," Ryan said. "You have to have a key to get in, so Uncle Dickey thought it would be safe to bring you here--instead of MY place. That way, if we don't hit it off, you can't pester him or whatever, you know, like stalk him or threaten him." I shook my head, "Sometimes he thinks these things through to the extreme." "Daddy bambam teen model says you can never be too careful." "That's true. Can I put this away and zip up?" I asked. "Okay, but it would be fun to watch the little old ladies faint when they saw it," Ryan said, getting out of the car. Grabbing Jamie's hand, he said, "C'mon, I've got a key." As he unlocked the lobby door, I yelled, "You better hold the elevator for me." I deliberately walked slower and even took time to check my mail--a bank of mailboxes were just inside the lobby entrance --just so I could gain a reasonable sense of control. On the ride up, Ryan asked, teen french models "Do you like movies? We've got bunches, you know, the triple-X-rated kind. What do you like best, top or bottom? Have you ever been the meat in a man sandwich? I hope you're not a vegetarian. I got some meat for ya. So far, I don't have any hang-ups, do you? Damn! I meant to tell you to buy some more rubbers. We're gonna need 'em." "Ryan," I warned as the elevator bell dinged. "Can't talk about sex in the hallway," Ryan said in a hushed tone. Once we were in the apartment, Ryan asked, as he pulled his T- shirt over his head, "Can I get naked, Uncle Dickey?" "Down to your underpants." "Awh, Uncle Dickey." "You know what I told you about leaving something to the imagination." "But he's already seen my dick!" Ryan said slipping out of his soccer shorts. "It's not your dick I'm worried about." "Oh, you mean my cute little ass?" Ryan said, turning his back to Jamie and slapping his bare butt cheek with the flat of his hand. "I forgot, you're wearing your jockstrap," I said, hearing the flesh-on-flesh slap. "You might just as well be naked." "Okay," Ryan said, slipping it off. "That's not what I meant and you know it." Jamie said, "That's okay ... uh ... I guess." "You can get naked, too. Uncle Dickey and I go around naked most of the time--except when we're frying bacon. I've already seen your dick, so you don't have to be shy. And you've seen Uncle Dickey's. It's a monster, isn't it? Not that size matters to either of us. I like all sizes. I've got a friend ..." "Ryan," I warned, "What did I tell you about telling tales out of school?" "Oh, yeah. I'm not allowed to tell other people about other gay people I know." "That makes me feel better," Jamie said. "So what would you like for dinner?" I asked. "We can check out the cabinets and the freezer and I'll fix whatever you like." As we walked marsha bikini model into the kitchen, the phone rang. "I'll get it," I said, since Ryan usually bolted for any ringing phone. "Hello?" "Dick, it's Jason. Could I ask you a big favor?" "Sure." "Could you take care of Tyler for a while? Sherita just phoned. She's on the way to the modeling naked kids emergency room with Taylor. I told her I'd meet her there but I don't ebony preeteen models think it's the best place for Tyler." "Of course I will. What's wrong with Taylor?" "Something about an accident and loss of consciousness but she's gonna be all right. I just don't know how long I'll be stuck at the hospital tonight." "Want me to come pick Tyler up?" "Actually, I'm about ten minutes from your place, right now." "Yeah, bring him over." Then I said, "Oh shit!" "What?" Jason asked in a worried tone. "Ryan invited a friend over. He's uh ... already ..." "Naked?" "That, too, but ..." "Well, if it's not convenient hawaii model teen ..." "No, not at all. Not for me. I just wanted to be sure it was okay with you if Ryan and his friend ..." "Sure." "Well, his model bdsm friend is like, nineteen or twenty." "You're joking." "I wish I were. Well, not really. He seems nice enough." "It's okay with me. Personally, I think that environment will be better for him than the hysteria that goes on in the ER." "Emergency room hysteria or Ryan, hummm, I'd say the jury's still out on that one." "I'll be there shortly." "I'll wait downstairs for him." "Hey, you haven't had dinner yet, have you?" Jason asked. "No, why?" "I just picked up Chinese before Sherita called. Can you guys eat it? Sherita and I will probably tall teen model eat in the hospital cafeteria." "It's a deal. See you in a few minutes." I told Ryan and Jamie about the take-out and then went down to the front lobby to wait for Tyler. He had only been over once and I wasn't sure he'd remember how to get to my apartment. When Jason drove up, I said, "Tyler can spend the night if you and Sherita need to take care of Taylor. I don't have to work tomorrow." "It would take a load off my mind if he could," Jason said. "At this point, I don't even know what's going on." "I'll even take him home tomorrow after you model updating get off work. How's that?" "God love ya!" Jason said with genuine sincerity, handing me the bag of take-out. "C'mon, sport, let's go," I said, putting my arm over Tyler's shoulder--something I couldn't do with Ryan yet because he was still too short. "Dad says Ryan's got company." "It's someone he just met ... sorta." "Uh oh. Does the guy know about ... you know." "Well, Ryan's naked if that tells you anything." "So did the guy freak?" Tyler asked. "Only when Ryan exposed himself to him in the drug store." "He didn't!" Ryan giggled. "Of course he did. He's Ryan." "Rascal, you mean." When we got on the elevator, Tyler asked, "So are we gonna do ... you young model directory know, stuff tonight?" "Only if you want to. You know the decision is always up naked filipina model to you." Then, thinking for a moment, I added, "That is to say, you and I can, sure. Ryan might be a little preoccupied." As I youngest model nonude opened the door to the apartment, Jamie was on his knees, naked, with Ryan's cock in his mouth. His own hard-on was sticking out of his fist. "Nice ass, dude," Tyler said as he walked in. "Thanks," cgi imageboard model Ryan said. "Not yours. His!" Tyler said, swatting Ryan on his ass. Ryan flinched, forcing Jamie to choke. "See, I told you they wouldn't care," Ryan said to Jamie. "Ummm," Jamie said, obviously not wanting to release Ryan's cock. "Let me introduce you and then we can all play," Ryan said, tapping Jamie on the head. Jamie stood up revealing a slender swimmer-style body. His pubes were trimmed so neatly it looked like someone other than himself had done it. Wide feet with long toes, strong calves, thick thighs, wide hips, slender waist, and a broad but not too muscular chest made him very easy to kiddie erotica model look at--again and again. "Can we get undressed" Tyler asked, looking at me. "Jamie, this part really wasn't planned. Are you gonna be uncomfortable if Tyler and I get undressed, too?" "Actually, I think it would make me feel better christina model breast if you did. All this is kinda new for me. I haven't been out all that long." "But this has been long ever since it's been out," Ryan said, tapping the head of Jamie's hard-on. Tyler, stripping as fast as he could, asked, "Can I feel it? I don't have a very big one, yet, but Rascal says if I touch big ones as often as I can, mine will grow big, too." "I'm not sure if he's pulling your leg or not but, sure, go ahead," Jamie said, getting into the spirit of the impending adventure. Naked, Tyler bounded over and gripped Jamie's erection. "Wow! Yours gets REALLY hard," Tyler said. "Does it hurt?" "Only when you squeeze it that tight," Jamie said, clenching his lower jaw as he spoke. "See, I was right," Ryan said, "Tyler's dick is getting bigger." We all looked, including Tyler, to see his cock get bigger as he got a hard-on. "Let's eat before the whole evening gets out of hand." "The only thing out of hand is your cock, Uncle Dickey. You've still got your clothes on. Can I show 'em how I undress you?" "Okay, let's do it," I said, eager to get naked but trying to stay somewhat reserved so Jamie would think I was still in control. 'Yeah, like that's gonna happen when Ryan's around,' I thought. Jamie followed Tyler, who was following Ryan and me, into the bedroom. "Oops," Ryan said, racing out to the living room again. When he returned, he dumped his clothes in his basket in the closet. "I have to pick up after myself and put my clothes away, too. I'll put yours in this basket, Tyler. I'm not using it anyway." I stood there while Ryan unbuckled my belt. I slipped nonude models saples out of my shoes and we proceeded as usual through the ceremonial undressing process. When I was naked, Ryan said, "He doesn't make me do this but I just love to do it." Then he kissed each of my feet and then the head of my heavy but still dangling cock. He twirled his finger so I turned and bent over. Usually, he gives my bunghole a quick peck of a kiss or a single lick. This time, however, he sucked my asshole with a vengeance, like he wanted to make Jamie jealous that it wasn't him being rimmed. "Aw, jeez, that's sweet," Jamie crooned. "You just love doin' that, dontcha?" "You'll find out after dinner," Ryan said, jumping up to grab Jamie's and Tyler's hands, "C'mon, I'll teach you how to eat with chopsticks." I japanes nude models helped Ryan set the table and while I searched for the chopsticks, Ryan grabbed some towels from the linen closet. "We use these for sanitary purposes," he said, laying one across the seat of each chair. "Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying either of you has a dirty butt. It's just that Uncle Dickey likes to fart a lot." "I do not," I challenged. "Sure you do. You always laugh when you cut the cheese, so you must like doin' it." Tyler giggled. I knew talking about farts was something that they never discussed whenever his mom was around. "My dad says, 'O' toothless one has spoken,'" Tyler said, blushing. "When Daddy lets one," Ryan said, "he always says, 'Better out than a blind man's eye.'" I opened the four containers of dinners and three cartons of white rice. "It looks like one Pork Fried Rice, an order of Shrimp Almond Ding, uh ... probably Cashew Chicken and this looks like Beef Teriyaki. What's your preference, Jamie?" "Well, it's Tyler's dinner, he should have first choice. Then I'll choose from whatever's left." "I like 'em all," Tyler said, "but I ordered the Pork Fried Rice. If somebody else wants that, I can eat whatever's left." "How about we each get a little of everything?" Ryan said. "That's the way they do it in China. Really. I had a friend who went to China and he said that's how they eat. Except they put all the food in separate bowls on a big lazy-susan and everyone gets one small plate to eat off of. That way, you only eat what you want and you only eat until you're full--or something like that." "That's exactly right, dude!" Jamie child modelling panty said with a smile of surprise at how knowledgeable Ryan was. "Want to do that? It's only four small plates extra and I'll do the dishes. I haven't eaten Chinese the right way since we got back." "Got back?" I asked. "Yeah. Dad worked in China for over a year. I spent six months there." "Way cool, dude!" Tyler said. "Yeah, let's do it. Whaddya need?" I said. "Just four saucers like you use for, uh ... bread and butter." "Anything in here you can use?" I teen modelmania asked opening a cabinet. "These'll work. Everybody sit down and I'll figure it out," Jamie said. Then he piled all the white rice in one bowl and set it in the center of the table. After that, he dumped the four different meals onto four separate dinner plates and placed them around the rice, like the points on a compass. We all sat--Ryan across the narrow part of the table from Jamie and Tyler down the length of the table from me. "Put some white rice on your plate if you want, but in China, that is used like a side dish. In fact, they eat the rice last, to fill up on. It's an insult to the chef if the rice bowl is empty because it means the guests didn't like his cooking. They don't put the dinner on top of the rice like we do, either, but if you want, you can eat it that way." Enthusiastically, Tyler said, "No, I want modeling little girl to eat it the right way." "Okay, if you want some of what's already in front of you, put a little on your plate. After we've eaten some of that, you'll pass it to the person on your left." The meal was dished out, one dish at a time and, to my surprise, Ryan and Tyler didn't pile the food on. They watched how much Jamie dished up for himself and took a similar amount. I saw Jamie jump like he'd been electrocuted, so I looked over at Ryan. His impish grin and slumped position confirmed to me that he was using his foot to play with Jamie's jewels. Jamie, on the other hand, was trying to act like nothing was happening. As we continued to eat, it turned out, we were able to get a taste of each item, three or four times. Everyone was full by the time we were done--or at least they said they were. "Let me get these dishes out of the way and then we can all relax," Jamie said, getting up. His solid erection confirmed my suspicion about what Ryan had been doing was correct. "No, don't bother. I'll get 'em," I said. "Please, I'd like to help. You guys are being so nice and all." "Uncle Dickey, you wash and Jamie, you dry," Ryan said. "And what are you two gonna do?" I asked skeptically. "Uh ... pay the tip." "What?" I asked, furrowing my brow. "You'll see." I rolled my eyes at Jamie. "That means one of two things--'Look out' or 'run for the hills.'" I got up and began removing the dishes. Jamie helped. Once I started washing them and putting them in the dish drainer for Jamie to dry, Tyler started sucking me and Ryan started sucking Jamie. I thumped Ryan on the head and he backed off Jamie's cock and pointed. He had put a condom in his mouth and rolled it down Jamie's cock. He went back to safely sucking while I went back to washing dishes. It was a little awkward having to stand slightly sideways but well worth the discomfort. By the time we were done, I was ready to cum but, remembering the 'waiting is better' drill I put Ryan through a couple of weeks earlier, I was inclined to hold off. "Okay, Tyler, models 14y teen I'm gonna need you to take a break. You're gettin' really good at this. I fashion model elssa just about came a couple of times." "Am I really?" Tyler asked proudly. "If you could taste his pre-cum, you were doin' a good job," Ryan said encouragingly. "Yeah, I could, lots of it!" Tyler said, smiling at his success. Ryan knew I dripped easily so it made me proud that he was trying to bolster Tyler's ego by telling a slight fib. It wasn't like it was going to hurt anyone, so I didn't say anything to the bizarre models pics contrary. "Let's go in the bedroom," Ryan said. "Let's sit in the living room while dinner settles," I said. "Awh," Ryan whined, "it's not like having to wait before going in the water. You're not gonna get cramps or anything." "Jamie, Tyler, will you go sit in the living room while I take Ryan in the bedroom for a minute?" "It'll take you longer than a minute," Ryan said, "I'm nowhere near cummin' yet." "March," I said sternly. Ryan kara teen model goose-stepped into the bedroom comically. After our little talk, I went out to the living room and sent Tyler in to talk to Ryan. A couple of minutes later, the two of them returned to the living room, too. Jamie sat in the chair, the same one Lyle, Ryan's dad, had used for Ryan's first porno-video fuck scene. I was on the sofa, one foot up on the cushions and one leg dangled over the edge, my cock and balls rested comfortably on the cushion between my splayed legs. Ryan put a CD in the player and when the music started, he and Tyler began a slow, sensuous dance. From time to time, they would rub against each other. They would suck each naked mini models other's dick for a couple of seconds, just long enough to keep themselves hard. Occasionally they would bend over so the other could rim them. Their hands were all over themselves and each other. After a nod from me, Ryan began dancing right in front of Jamie. I download nonnude swimsuitmodels pulled Tyler up onto the sofa and into the space between my legs. He leaned back against me and began jacking off. Jamie was torn between watching Ryan dance and glancing over to watch Tyler amanda hall model stroke his little four-inch cock. 'Well, it's little to a guy like me, who has eleven hangin',' I thought. "Scoot down and lift your legs, Jamie," Ryan said in a breathy voice. Jamie must have remembered the promise Ryan made before dinner because he made his butthole webcam models pooping available for Ryan's tongue. Once Ryan started rimming him, all Jamie could do was moan and groan from the pleasure. "He sure loves doin' that," Tyler said. "The first time he did it to me, I thought I'd pee my pants." "You weren't wearing pants," Ryan took time to say before he began another assault on Jamie's bunghole. "Oh, fuck, you're good. My ass has never felt this good," Jamie moaned. "You want me to fuck you?" Ryan asked, showing Jamie his aching erection. "Dude," Jamie said, "I'm usually the one doing the fucking. I mean, like ... I've only bottomed a couple of times. You know, when I first came out." "That's okay," Ryan said, "I'll be gentle. Besides, I'm probably smaller than those guys who fucked you. After all, I'm only fifteen." "You're easily as big as those other guys," Jamie said. "Then it won't hurt any more than the other guys. In fact, it shouldn't hurt at all since you're used to it." "You're not gonna take 'no' for an answer, are you?" "Not when I KNOW you want to be fucked by a fifteen-year-old." "How do you know that?" Ryan pointed to Jamie's leaky cock head. "Your dick is telling me it wants me to fuck the cum out of your balls. I can do it, too. Ask Uncle Dickey. I've done it to him." "I saw him do it once," Tyler eagerly confirmed. "Please?" Ryan pleaded, nudging his cock head teen model pussy up to Jamie's hole and rubbing it teasingly. "If it doesn't feel good, once I get started, I'll quit. Uncle Dickey made me promise to always carol model nude respect my partner." "Uh, by the way, Jamie," I said. "Yeah?" "No one's ever been able to say 'no' to Ryan." "I believe you." Then, with a deep sigh, Jamie said, "Okay, fuck me." Ryan leaned forward and asked, "Give me a kiss?" "Sure." As the unsuspecting Jamie began kissing Ryan, he began slowly easing his cock into Jamie's ass. Before Jamie knew it, Ryan was balls deep. It was only when Ryan began his fucking motions that Jamie knew he was being screwed. "Jesus, Ryan, how'd you do that? plus size model I didn't feel any pain at all. In fact, I thought you were still just teasing me until you started fucking." "I had a good teacher," Ryan said, looking over at me. "When you can take a cock the size of Uncle Dickey's and not know you're being fucked until you feel his balls kissing your ass, well ... what can I say?" "You can really take his dick?" Jamie asked, skeptically, looking over at my eleven-inch boner. My cock was rubbing against Tyler's back and from Jamie's position it was quite visible. Against Tyler's slender back, it must have looked twice as big as normal. "You ready to fuck me, Uncle Dickey?" Ryan asked, making obscene sucking noises on Jamie's lips and face while he continued to fuck his new friend. Patting Tyler gently on his hip, I said, "Let me up." "But I like being between your legs." "I'll tell you what. When I'm done fucking Ryan, you can fuck me. How's models sexy bikini that?" "All right!" Tyler shouted gleefully. I thought he was going to cum just thinking about it. I pulled the footstool, the one with the porno CDs in it, over behind Ryan and knelt on it. That put my cock just a little higher than his thrusting buttocks. I slumped down, positioned my cock at Ryan's hole and shoved it in just as he began his backward withdrawal. "AH GOD! You son of a bitch! You could have at least warned me." "I thought you liked surprises," I teased. Ryan shoved into Jamie and as he did, my cock head teased Ryan's prostate as it eased out of Ryan's tunnel. I felt Ryan's asshole tighten up when I nicked it, so I knew Jamie would feel Ryan's cock jerk deep inside his body. "Whoa!" Jamie said. "What the hell? You LOVE having that big ol' dick up your ass, dontcha? I can feel such a difference now that he's inside you." "Feels good, don't it?" Ryan said. "Me in you, I mean." "Fuck yeah. I hate to say it but you could stay there all night as far as I'm concerned." "What about me?" Tyler whined. "Kneel on the arm of the chair and I'll suck you," Ryan said. "Me, too," Jamie said. "I've been keepin' an eye on that piece of meat of yours. You say it's small but I don't think so." As Tyler climbed on the arm and steadied himself with a hand on the back of the chair, I took a closer look, too. It had been several weeks since I'd last paid any attention to it and it looked to me like it was getting bigger. "You've grown some, haven't you, Tyler?" I asked. "I don't think so," Tyler said. "Yes you have, twerp," Ryan said. "Look at you. You're getting a big ol' dick on you." "You're just sayin' that to make me feel good." "We'll measure it again later. You were four-and-a-quarter at my house the night paige teen models of our first sleepover." I remembered Rascal measured it at four-and-a-HALF but I didn't say anything. To a kid like Tyler, thinking he had grown an additional quarter-inch was a big deal. So if his new size was four-and-three- quarters, he would think he had grown a half inch. "In the meantime," Jamie said, "I'm gonna get me some of this, no matter what size it is." He gripped Tyler's cock gently with two fingers and a thumb and aimed it at his mouth. Jamie had to lean toward Tyler to deep-throat him because Tyler had to steady himself. If he leaned forward, he would fall into Jamie's lap, and Ryan was in the way most of the time. "Oh, man, he's got a sweet mouth. I love what his tongue's doing. Swirling around and pokin' at my pee hole," Tyler said. "Let me have some," Ryan grunted between ball-busting thrusts up Jamie's ass. Jamie moved Tyler's cock toward Ryan's lips but kept his lips attached to one side of Tyler's cock. "Yeah, we'll suck him together," Ryan said. First Ryan would go down on Tyler, then Jamie would take a turn. Between them, Tyler's cock was never out of one mouth or the other and sometimes both mouths were sucking on it somewhere. The phone rang. Ryan and I looked at Tyler, neither of us wanting to really relinquish the warm moist holes we were in. Jamie looked up pleadingly like he didn't want Ryan to quit fucking him, either. "I'll get it," Tyler yelled, like he wasn't already right in our faces. Jumping off the arm of the chair, he ran to the phone. "Hello, ...hi, Dad, how's Taylor?" "Let me talk to him," I said as I reluctantly pulled out of Ryan's ass. young family models "I was so damn close, too." "That's good," Tyler said. "Tell her 'hi' for me. Spunky wants to talk to you." "Hi, how's it goin'?" I asked. "Seems she and her girlfriend were at the mall and Taylor was showing off when Sherita and the other girl's mom weren't looking. Anyway, she fell off a bench, hit her head on the terrazzo floor and knocked herself out. The hospital wants to keep her under observation for at least the next ten hours." "So you and Sherita can at least go home and get some rest." "Sherita says she won't leave but she wants me to go on home and get some sleep before going to work tomorrow." "Good idea," I said. "Where are you now?" "Just leaving the hospital. How's Tyler getting along with the new guy?" "You'd have to see it to believe it." I looked over at the three of them and Tyler was fucking Ryan while Ryan continued to fuck Jamie. "In fact, he's balls deep in Ryan's ass right now." "God, I'd love to see that," Jason said wistfully. "Those two together get me so turned on. Fuck, I'm getting hard just thinkin' about 'em." "Well, add to that little scene a young, hunky, swimmer type and you know what my balls are going through right now. Hey, want to stop by here, instead?" "Could I?" "Hell, it's your son! You have the right to check in on him, you know, make sure he's being treated right." "Like I'd have any fear of him coming to harm when you're around. But yeah, I think I strawberry model nude WILL stop over." "You might not get much sleep but memories of what happens young model underwear tonight will keep you awake all day tomorrow at work." "Ahh, that's better," Jason said. "What?" "I had to take my compass out of my pants and it's pointing right in your direction. See you in a few." "With that downward curve you've got to your dick, it's always pointing in my direction when it's hard," I said, chuckling. "Don't stroke it too much, the kids are gonna be thrilled when they hear you're on your way over." "They'll be even more thrilled when they hear me cumming." Less than ten minutes later, Jason arrived and I introduced him to Jamie. It was the first time since Ryan started fucking him that he had a chance to change positions. Standing in front of Jason, blushing, Jamie said, "You've got a fine son, here. He's polite, helpful and well behaved. You don't see that in many kids nowadays." "I was fucking Ryan earlier. He said I did good," Tyler said. "I'm sure you were. I'd like to have seen that," Jason said. "We could go in the bedroom and have a really good fuckfest," Ryan said. "Let's get Dad undressed first," Tyler said. Jason stood still while the boys stripped him of everything, right there in the sandra model fucked living room. Then, Ryan got on his knees and sucked Jason's cock. It was already on the rise, so it didn't take long for Jason to get a full woody. "Me, too," Tyler said. Then he knelt next to Ryan and began sucking alex warren model his father's cock. Jamie's cock jerked as he watched the father/son action. "Hey, Rascal," Jamie said, "I thought you were gonna fuck me all night. How about if you let me help Tyler porn models gallery suck his dad's cock and you do what YOU do best." Once Jamie super sexy models was sucking on Jason and Ryan was fucking Jamie, I got behind Jason and began rimming him. He spread his feet a little further apart to allow me better access. My cock was jumping from excitement as it poked between Jason's spread calves. Whenever Tyler wasn't sucking his dad, he would lean down and kid model funny alternately suck either Jamie or me. After a while I said, "If we keep this up, we'll never get to bed." "Do we have to?" Ryan whined. "Jamie and Jason have to go to work in the morning." "Oh, okay. But we all gotta cum before we talent young models go to sleep," Ryan threatened. "At least once," I said with a smile. Tyler jumped up and pulled Ryan off Jamie's back. "C'mon, first one to the bed gets Jamie's butt for the rest of the night." It was no contest. Ryan, although smaller, was quicker and more cunning. Just as Tyler, who had modelflats ira the head start, got to the bedroom door, Ryan yelled, "Oh, shit!" Tyler hesitated just long enough to look at Ryan and say, "What?" in a concerned-for-your-best-buddy voice. Ryan took that japan preeteen models moment of opportunity to muscle past Tyler, leap in the air and land on the bed. "You lose!" "No fair!" Tyler wailed. Jamie, on the other hand, cupped MY cock in one hand and Jason's in the other. Maybe we should let the kids sleep in there and we can sleep out here." "Ryan would never let that happen," Jason said, cupping Jamie's cock. "I've got to admit, the kid has good taste. You've got yourself one pretty cock there." "Thanks," Jamie said. "Not as big as yours but I don't complain. It keeps me happy." "Dad? Where are you? I'm lonely. Ryan's being a butt hole." "One of my favorite body parts," I said, as the three of us squeezed through the door, reluctant to release our prizes. "Hey, Jason," Ryan said, "You want to 69 with Jamie? You're the only one who hasn't had a taste of his sweet meat." "I could do that. Tyler, what are you gonna do?" Jason asked. "Spunky and I could 69. I've learned to suck all of it, so now I'm workin' on doin' it better. Besides, he's too big to fuck me. He'd split me in two. I adp amateur models ain't got a humungous hole like Ryan." "That's 'cuz I like keepin' your hole Ryan-sized," Ryan said, flicking his young pantie model erection in Tyler's direction. "Uh, guys ... since I'm the new guy here, could I say something?" Jamie asked hesitantly. "Sure," I said. "Never be afraid to speak up. We're not a dictatorship here--even though Ryan thinks so." "Well, if it were a dictatorship," Tyler said, "You'd be the dictator, 'cuz you've got the biggest dick." "That's kinda what I was thinking about. I wouldn't mind having a chance to ls modelsinfo suck on that monster," Jamie said. "Okay," Ryan said, "You and Uncle Dickey 69 and I'll fuck lily model webe you." I looked at Ryan and then darted my eyes over to Jason and Tyler. "Oh, yeah, well ..." Ryan stammered. "You three guys get into position and then Tyler and I will make our decisions," Jason said. "Okay," Ryan said. Then, in a movie director's tone of voice, he said, "Places, please." Then Ryan put a fresh condom over his cock and handed two to Jamie--one for Jamie and one for me. "Safety first." "I'll wear one," Jamie said, 'cuz you guys can't be sure I'm safe but if you don't mind, could I take you two raw? I mean, the love you guys have for each other assures me you're clean. katrina teens models You wouldn't do anything to infect each other." "Uncle Dickey?" "Okay with me." "All right!" Ryan yelped, pulling his rubber off with a 'snap.' Once we were in position, I nn model topsite realized Tyler was right. Jamie's cock was as hard as a lead pipe and just about as heavy in my mouth. I had to crane my neck so I could deep-throat him without gagging. Ryan's fucking motions pretty much forced Jamie's cock in and out of my mouth so there was very little work on my part. Jamie, however, was a consummate cocksucker. He had a tongue like none other. I have had hundreds of guys suck my dick, but never did it feel this good. I wanted Ryan to learn a few things from his new friend--but first, I had to figure a way to get Ryan out of his ass. I darted my eyes over at Jason and Tyler just as Tyler started jumping up and down. His face looked like a gambler who had just won the lottery. "You're not shittin' me?" Tyler asked in disbelief. "This isn't some cruel trick of Ryan's, is it?" "What?" Ryan asked angrily from being accused of something that he hadn't contrived. "Son, I'm serious. I've never been fucked in my life but, lately, I've been thinking about it. I've had a couple of guys make me offers but I decided a while back I wanted you to be the first." "Tyler's getting a virgin hole?" Ryan shouted. "Damn, Uncle Dickey, how much more memorable can it get. For both of them, I mean. Oh fuck. Shit! Oh godamnit, I'm cumming!" As Jamie continued to fuck naiara model my mouth, his thrusts felt like extensions of Ryan's fuck motions. "Unngh," Ryan said, once he was done. "That was fuckin' dirty pool." "What?" Jason asked. "Just thinking about the twerp getting a piece of virgin ass. Shit! And his DAD'S ass to boot, that's the corker. You better fuck him good, twerp, or I'll be all over your ass, and not in a good way. A virgin ass is the best preeteen model blue in the world." "Quit putting excessive pressure on him," I said. "Tyler, why don't you and your dad go out on the couch? It might be more intimate." Jason looked at Tyler proudly as Tyler said, "No, this is something I want to share with my best friends." "All right!" Ryan said. "Not his ass," Tyler said defensively, "I just want you guys around when I experience fuckin' my dad for the first time--the virgin time." Jamie and I had stopped sucking each other when we heard the offer and were now lying on our sides facing the other half of the bed. Ryan nicky teen model was already standing by their side of the bed preparing to assist. "Ryan, lie down over here," I said, pointing to the foot of the bed near my head. The look on my face told him not to argue. "Which way, Dad?" Tyler asked. "You look like you've grown since the last time I saw it. Maybe I better be on my back." "You have to put ..." Ryan started to say. I slapped his butt so hard his flesh jiggled. Oblivious to the rest of us, Tyler said, "I promise I'll go slow. If you want me to quit, I will. Honest. I don't want to hurt you. Ryan says small dicks can hurt worse than big ones sometimes, you lotlita models know, if the guy doesn't know what he's doing." "You're gonna do fine, son. You've fucked Ryan and he's had no complaints." "But he's been fucked before. He knows what to do to ..." "I'll let you know if it hurts. I promise." Tears were in Tyler's eyes as he scooted between his dad's spread legs. I don't know if it was from love for his father, fear of hurting him, or the sheer joy of being the first to fuck his dad. 'What does it matter? He's entitled to any and all those emotions,' I thought. model pedo 'He's a great kid who deserves a reward like this from time to time.' "I'm gonna hold my legs up for you, okay?" Jason asked. "Uh huh," Tyler said absentmindedly, like he was concentrating all his attention on every instruction he'd ever learned about fucking. All three of us on our side of the bed were holding our breaths. My eyes widened, as I'm sure Ryan's and Jamie's did, when Tyler's cock head touched Jason's hole. I hadn't noticed before, but Jason's butt hole was tiny--about the size of a dime. I'd seen them as big around as a quarter--even a half dollar, but Jason's looked petite. Of course, that made Tyler's cock crown look huge in comparison. Even I, with all my experience, wondered if Jason--as a virgin--was going to be able to take it. "Go on, son. I've been thinking about this for a long time. Longer than you can imagine. Ease it in." A sound of fear, something between a moan and a wail, came from Tyler as he pressed into his father's pliant anal flesh for the first time. "Yes," Jason whispered. "Yes, it's fine. You're doing great, son. Keep going. Don't stop. I want all of you in me at once." "But Ry ..." "Do it," Jason said with a certain urgency in his voice. "Please, son, all the way." When I saw Tyler's almost hairless pubic bone press against Jason's ass flesh, I knew Tyler had to be the proudest boy on the planet. "Ohmigod! I did model porn agency it." "Yes you did, son. And beautifully I might add. Now, you think you can throw a fuck into your ol' dad?" "Fuck yeah!" Tyler said, really getting into the mood. We all breathed a sigh of relief at the same time. "Let's fuck," Jason said. "God, that was beautiful," Jamie whispered in awe. Ryan, Jamie and I just laid there and watched as the two of them indulged in a frantic but passionate rutting. They kissed, they caressed each other's bodies. Tyler started jacking on his dad's dick as pussy mini models soon as he saw he had fucked him into an erection. Eventually Jamie said, "Uh, Ryan, I thought you said you were gonna fuck me till I came and I haven't cum yet." Ryan looked at me for permission and I winked. This time, Jamie laid on his back while Ryan fucked him and I straddled his head. He alternated between sucking my dick and rimming my ass. It gave me a great opportunity to watch Tyler fuck his dad. A short while later, I saw Tyler's face turn the reddish purple of a beet. "Take a breath, Tyler, or you're gonna faint," I encouraged. Without breathing, he said, "Gonna cum. Gonna cum." I knew he was still complaining about dry orgasms but to him, it was cumming. "Do it," Ryan started chanting quietly, "Do it. Do it." Jamie and I took up the chant urging Tyler on. "AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!" nonnude models toplist Tyler screamed. free model callie If I hadn't known better, I'd have thought someone had poured scalding hot water over him. When he collapsed on top of his dad, Jason said, "Thanks, son. You'll never know how much that meant to me." Lifting up to look into his dad's eyes, he said, "Me, too, Dad. You're the best dad ever." "I was wondering something," Jason said. "What?" "You know how we have quality assurance at work?" "Yeah, people come in lina childmodel and check to see if the employees know all about what they're selling," Tyler said to make sure that was what Jason was talking about. "Well, Ryan keeps telling me you have a fine ass. I was thinking maybe it's about time I pulled a quality assurance check." "You want to fuck me?" Tyler squealed in delight. "Oh, fuck yes! Oh my GOD! Dad's gonna fuck me. How much better can it get?" "How do you want to take it?" "The same way as you, Dad." I got the feeling Tyler was choosing the same position to prove how alike the two of them were. He had seen Ryan and me being fucked in any number of different positions, so kindersex model it wasn't for a lack of not knowing any other positions. "Umm, good. You'll be my little butthole boy, okay?" "Always, Dad, anytime, anyplace. I'll never tell you 'no'. I love you so much. lsmagazine model For a long time, I didn't realize guys could tell other guys that they loved them. Not like this kind of love. But now I can't say it enough. I want you to know I mean it so much it hurts ... in here," Tyler said, tapping his heart. "Let me see if I can make it feel all better," Jason said soothingly, as he jostled Tyler onto his back. Taking an ankle in each hand, he lifted his son's legs up and back, widening them into a V, as he leaned in to kiss his son. Once again, the three of us stopped what we were doing to see this momentous occasion. Jason was going to fuck his son for the first time. Oddly enough, Tyler's pucker was much larger than his dad's hole. The entry point was just as tight but the surrounding darker flesh was larger. It was deceptive; because when the purple cockhead started pressing the tan fleshy starfish, the pressure it took made it look like Tyler wasn't going to open up. Then, all of a sudden, Tyler's hole opened and Jason crashed balls deep into the cavern of his son's hole. "Yeah, that's the way," petite black model Tyler said, with a breathy exhale. "Just like I did with you." Then, with a look of concern, he asked, "It IS all the way in, right?" "Does it hurt?" Jason asked. "No, but I'm not sure I can take any more. bleriot model xi It's a lot bigger than what I'm used to." Of course, he meant Ryan's dick. "If there's more, I want to take it. I want all of you in me, Dad. But we'll have to take it slow." "No, that's it. I wish I had more to give you, but ..." "That's okay. It's fine just the way it is. Uh, I think you can start fucking now." As soon as Jason started moving, Tyler started mewling like it was the best fuck he'd ever had. Considering it was his father doing it, he was probably right. Ryan began fucking Jamie with the same tempo Jason was using. Jamie sucked my balls, rimmed my ass, and model russian boy sucked my dick until my haunches got so tired from supporting my weight I had to take a break. Ryan speeded topless underwear models up his fuck motions until, true to his word, he fucked the cum out of Jamie's balls. Jamie held his cock straight up as he felt the load shooting up his tube and it sprayed all over everywhere like a lawn sprinkler. Some was thin and watery and some was thick globs that landed with a 'splat' on his belly. "Great fuck, little dude," Jamie said. "You're young sexy modells all you said you were and more." "Thanks. You're not so bad yourself. You gave us a great money shot. model young kid I wish Uncle Dickey had the video recorder going." About then, Tyler said with real tears in his eyes, "Daddy ... I think I've gotta pee." "Oh, honey, can you hold on just one more minute? I'm so close. No, it'll be sooner than that ... just be a few more seconds ..." Jason was pounding Tyler's ass with long strokes. "Aaiiieee!" Tyler screamed. "Gaaahhhh!" Jason groaned. I saw Jason's abs flex and his ass cheeks dimple as his cock unloaded up his son's ass. Tyler started squirting jism in long clear streamers along his belly and up to his chin. Jason's face was one of astonishment. Tyler's eyes were round with disbelief. "You came, dude!" Ryan shouted. "You little twerp. You came! Your dad fucked your first load of jism out of you, dude. How awesome is that?" "He's never cum before?" Jamie asked, reverently. "Congratulations, young man. Welcome to the men's club," I said. I don't know if Tyler heard any of us, because he was locked firmly in a loving kiss with his dad. Still impaled on his father's erection, he was squirming underneath him, rubbing his teen cum between their bellies. "Uh, Jamie," Ryan said, bashfully, "you better run to the toilet. I, uh, accidentally started peeing while I was still up there and once it got started I couldn't stop." "You what!" Jamie shouted. "I didn't FEEL anything!" "It wasn't much ... I hope ... but you better squeeze hard as I pull out. children model foto You're gonna feel like you've got an enema up there. I'm really sorry. But when I saw the twerp squirt, I just lost all muscle control." "Oh, fuck," Jamie said. He didn't sound mad. He sounded like he was afraid of being ridiculed. To make him feel better, I said, "If you make a mess on the way, Ryan gets to clean it up, so you don't have to be too careful." "Not fair," Ryan said. "I didn't mean to do it. It just happened. If anything, it's Tyler's fault." "My fault?" Tyler said, still in the I-don't-give-a-damn tiny kid models euphoria of a post-orgasm lull. "What you just did would make a eunuch cum," Ryan said. "They can't cum. Their stuff's been removed," Tyler said, like he thought Ryan was trying to fool him. "That's what I mean. That's how terrific it was. Man, you ROCK, dude!" "Really?" Tyler asked bashfully. Even with aurand model m the russian nude model bathroom door closed, we heard the sudden rush of way too much water into the toilet. "You okay, Jamie?" I called out. "Yeah." Jamie said quietly, probably embarrassed. "Ryan, was that planned?" I whispered. "No, honest. It was Tyler. My mind was somewhere else. I promise." "Okay." "Tyler, if you still have to go, you can use the guest bathroom," I said. "I don't have to go NOW. I think it was the cum. Do you feel like you gotta pee just before the juice squirts?" "Yeah, kinda," Ryan, Jamie and I said almost simultaneously. We sat there quietly, a little embarrassed, until Jamie came out. He looked weak. "Dude," Ryan said, using Jamie's favorite term, "you don't look so healthy. Oh, man. I'm sorry. I didn't know it would make you sick." "I'm not sick. It's just ... I'm a little ..." He collapsed on the bed, dizzy. "Let him rest," I said as I got up to get a cold washcloth to use as a compress. "It's just that a sudden loss of your bowels can cause you to feel lightheaded." "I think you should phone in sick," Ryan said. "What? Why?" "Because you're sick. Call your boss right now." Ryan grabbed his cell phone out of his pants pocket in the bottom basket of the closet. "Go on." "I'll have to call her at home." "Is that allowed?" "Yeah, if you've got an emergency." "This IS an emergency. She has to find someone to cover for you. Besides, you said she thought you might be sick or something when you left, didn't you?" "Yeah. She asked if I was feeling okay." "Perfect." "But what'll I tell her is wrong?" "Dude! You've got the running shits!" Ryan giggled and then Tyler and he high-fived. "Does he always think this fast on his feet?" Jamie asked, looking at me. "Only this fast on a dick," Ryan said, as he got between Jamie's legs and started sucking him. Between the weakened condition from the toilet episode and the heightened sexual condition of the blowjob he was getting while he was on the phone, Jamie gave a convincing russians models performance. It was so good, if it had been me on the other end, and I didn't know what was going on, I'd have insisted on sending an ambulance. "I think we should all get to bed. Jason has to go to work tomorrow," I said. "Hey, Jason, you can phone in, too." Ryan said. "I'm not sick." Hugging Tyler closer to him, Jason said, "Delirious, becca teen model maybe, but that's not a sickness." "Taylor is. The Emporium lets you take sick time if one of your kids gets sick. What's more sick than being in the hospital?" I looked at Jason and nodded my approval. "You're not gonna get much sleep anyway. It's almost two in the morning." "Give me the phone. My son needs comforting while his sister is being hospitalized." Tyler snuggled up to his dad while he left a message on the answering machine at work for human resources. Between the five of us, it was decided that Jamie, Ryan and I would share the bed. Jason and Tyler decided to granny models get to know each other better on the living room sofa. "Tomorrow's gonna be awesome!" Ryan shouted, bouncing around before I swatted his butt and tossed him in the bed. He crawled in the middle to be between Jamie and me all night. Before joining them, I grabbed a sheet out of the linen closet for Jason and Tyler. By the time I got to the sofa, they were both asleep. Jason was lying on his side on the outside facing in and Tyler was between his dad and the back of the sofa. I carefully laid the sheet over them, trying not to wake them. 'Tomorrow will be a beautiful day,' I thought.To be continued. Thanks for coming back for more. If you liked this story, please be sure to tell your friends about it. Also, consider checking out other stories written by me (under pseudonyms) at Earlier, I mentioned the site was closing down. I have been convinced to keep it open a little longer. The stories on that site include military, voyeuristic, adult/youth, and tales of the paranormal, to mention a few. Thanks and keep in touch with me at
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